App for students of medicine

A few months ago I had an opportunity to develop an app for students of medicine. The purpose of the app is to test your knowledge in specific sections of medicine and make you ready for the future, in-school tests!

My friend is a student on medical high school in Bratislava and had a great idea. He introduced me this idea and we had started making a research. I took the technical part (app infrastructure, database, verification, security, test algorithms) and my fellow friend took the content part (tests research, correct tests division & form, talks with professors, final approval).

The first version of TestUP is now available and we are ready to continue in the app! The app is unfortunatelly in slovak language only (as the main purpose was to support students of medicine in Slovakia, especially in Bratislava-Unverzina Komenskeho).

But if you are slovak and you are interested in the new e-learning system, do not hesitate and check the website here!

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