Poly Engine 1.1

After the one year of development, the Poly Engine version 1.1 is now available and there are plenty of things to talk about!

I do develop the engine in my spare time and I’m really glad that I was finally able to release next version with new & major features.
So what’s new?

Poly Engine – Standalone Build (Official standalone-executable build)!
The user will be finally able to build his own application into executable file.

Poly Engine – Editor window

  • More templates
  • Align properties (center to middle…)
  • Slider Object added
  • Added tooltips on right panel (objects)
  • Objects containing text with New Lines could not be saved
  • ClearEditor() clears even the important internal editor elements

Poly Engine – Scripting

• Arrays [Or better to say – pseudo arrays with macro ^]
• Add Math-Interpolated function
• Boolean switch with macro !
• Graphical line drawing (pen up, pen down) – Draw function
• ClearDraw function added
• Lines starting with // will be totally ignored
• String additional function – Replace
• IO Library – write, read, delete & create files & data + Read Images
• \n as a default ‘new line’ separator
• Added Application Start Up Path as a Flexible Statement [AppPath()]
• RemoveObject statement to remove generics at runtime
• Added one-pass feature to conditions
• Overlap passes even the object is disabled
• Overlap with additional parameter – will create a new object if overlaps
• Add time-saving Variable Connector for getting the right corner of the object instead of creating new variable & adding the object’s width… [Added to SetLocation OBJ,POSX,POSY,(OPTIONAL)1 – center object?]
• Add Math Clamp and other math functions
• Add SetSize(PARAMS) function
• Add Mouse Cursor attribute
• Add Mouse Down attribute + Mouse Down R
• Add condition if mouse is over main Control [MouseOver]
• Add returnable variable connector _Value (similar to _Text, returns specific numeric value, specifically for Sliders)

More information can be found on the official github page

Official overview video

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