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Mesh Tracker is a complete mesh tracking solution with modular brushes, canvas and additional tools. The plugin allows you to create advanced surface simulations and control whole surface system from Snow to Fluid type. The package is ready for Unity 2018.

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Downloadable Content:
Vehicle Snow – Vehicle Mud
3rd Person Snow – Boat Simulation

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• Full Mesh Tracking System
• Mesh Tracking via Script
• Mesh Tracking via Shaders
• Multithreading Support
• No Programming Skills Required
• Additional ‘Track Creator’ Tool
• Full Documentation
• Easy & User-Friendly Examples

Create car tracks, trails, footprints, waves, snow-flakes, rain-drops and many many more with Mesh Tracker package. You are very free to customize and create tracks in the included external tool called Track Creator. More about the Track Creator in Documentation.

Save your time and make your project much more interactive with the highest and professional quality.

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