Raymarcher is a complete package of the rendering technique called Raymarching. Huge and modular package with user-friendly tools to create unique scenes full of fractals and organic objects in just a few seconds. The package is ready for Unity 2019 and newer.
Current version: 1.0.0

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* Please read the documentation carefully before buying the package *

Current Version Contains:
• Simple, One-Click set up
• Flat rendering
• Advanced lighting [lambert, phong]
• Advanced shading [hard/soft shadows]
• Physically based reflections
• Object morpher & fractals
• Multi-colored material
• Boolean operations [subtraction, intersection]
• Global directional light
• Realtime-change support
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The package contains modular editor which allows you to fully customize object shapes and their behaviour through loop operations to the fragments and fractals. All tools are ready for Unity beginners and non-programmers.

You are also able to download the example demos.
• Raymarcher Objects • Fractal Editor •

Save your time and make your project much more interactive with the highest and professional quality. If you have any questions or issues, please contact me here

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