International Software & Game Developer specialized in programming and design.
Current state: Student
Name:                                            Matej Vančo
Birth Date:                                  24th January 2000
Country:                                       Slovakia
Languages:                                  Slovak, Czech, English



My full name is Matej Vančo. I was born in Slovakia on 24th January 2000.
As a child, my dream was to create something new. My first knowledge was 3D graphic and video editing. I started using 3Ds Max since I was 9 years old boy. The interest in 3D graphic was huge and I was literally ‘playing’ with it. I and my friends have made very interesting and amateur films mostly of type Star Wars. It was really fun, we were doing something that we love in our free time.
After years of practicing, I improved my experiences in other programs. I found a lot of sources that I was able to learn from. As 10 years old, I started learning programming language C#. I was always thinking of ‘how the games are created’ or ‘how computers work’…  I found a much more meaningful way in this direction of work. The programming is for me something where I’m able to create literally everything with a logic, patience and effort.
Unity 3D was the first engine I’ve ever used. I started using unity as 12 years old with basic experiences from C# and javascript. I like to experiment, so I made some basic softwares. As 14 years old I made my first 2D multiplatform engine the Hexa Game Engine. It was my first full-working engine using C# and C++ libraries.
Nowadays, I’m a technical programmer in Lusorion Creatives company working on Legends Of Azulgar and I’m very interested in programming of computer graphic [shaders]. My other hobbies in my personal life is making a music, sporting, travelling…
*This is my personal portfolio page. On the Matt’s Creations page you can find all games that we’ve made/ we are working on. What is Matt’s Creations? International public indie game studio.*
– Matt’s Creations

Software Experiences: 

Game Engines & Editors
Unity 3D = Expert
Unreal Engine = Advanced
Cry Engine = Beginner
Modeling Programs & Animations
– Autodesk 3Ds Max = Advanced
– Autodesk MudboxAdvanced
– Autodesk Motion BuilderAdvanced
– Blender = Advanced
– Sketchup = Advanced
Music & Sounds
– WavePad Sound Editor = Expert
– Fruit Loops = Advanced
Programming Languages
– C# Expert
– C++ = Advanced
– Visual Basic = Advanced
– Html Advanced
– Python = Advanced
CG = Advanced
– Adobe Collection = Expert
– Microsoft Office Collection Expert