About Me

Software Developer specialized in programming and design.
My name is Matej Vanco and I was born in Slovakia. I really like initiative challenges and new opportunities to create something unusual, something new to the world. I graduated from high school of animation & art and participated on many projects world-wide. With more than 9 years of programming experiences in objective C language family (especially in C#) I’m capable of leading advanced systems such as input/output streaming, database management, various rendering techniques (rasterizer, raytracer, raymarcher), custom compiler algorithms and more. I’m also focused on mobile applications, AR/ VR applications and it’s potential.

I was working on many 3D & 2D animation spots & movies. I made my own 3D movie in Unity Engine called Neuro which won the second place on the international animation festival in Bratislava, Slovakia. I was working on many game projects including Azulgar, (by Szeiner Company), The God (by Struct9), Deadness (by Alien studio) and more in Unity Engine & Unreal Engine. I’m founder of the Struct9 studio.

In the meantime I create universal software extensions & plugins for Unity Engine and selling them on Unity Assets Store. I’ve also made my own 2D engine called Poly Engine. In my free time I really like to travel, I do martial art, I love skiing, I play in a band and trying to start my own music solo carieer.

In the future I would like to achieve many goals including new technology investment & development of educational applications, but the most important to me is to make new opportunities to anyone who is interested in self-evolving and moving forward. My technical work can be found in Projects category.
Name: Matej Vanco
Birth Date: 24th January 2000
Country: Slovakia
Languages: Slovak, Czech, English


January 2013 – Present Freelance Programmer & Designer
February 2020 – Present Yahart (AR/VR Programmer)
June 2019 – Present Alien studio (Programmer)
March 2018 – Present Struct9 (Founder)
May 2018 – Present Szeiner Software Company (Technical programmer and editor designer)
April 2014 – May 2018 Lusorion Creatives (Lead editor programmer)
March 2013 – August 2013 Softart (Shader programmer)

Software Knowledge

Unity Engine Autodesk 3Ds Max Adobe Photoshop C#
Unreal Engine Autodesk Motion Builder Substance Painter C++
Cry Engine Blender ZBrush HLSL/ GLSL


• Self-taught
• Open to criticism
• Able to take leading responsibilities
• Aiming for efficiency and modularity
• Can deal with sharp deadlines
• Communicative

Social Links

Global – Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, ShaderToy
Unity – Unity Asset Store, Unity Connect
Music – Youtube Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Itunes
Company – Struct9
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